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Stephen Merrill is a well-known trial attorney with a strong background in the fundamentals.   In the midst of a successful career in Norfolk, Virginia, Stephen relocated to Anchorage, Alaska in 2009 seeking new professional and personal challenges after first visiting Alaska in 2007.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska Law School, Stephen accepted a Navy officer's commission in the Judge Advocate General's Corps. During four years of Navy active-duty, Lieutenant Merrill tried over 300 court-martials and accompanied aircraft carriers on foreign cruises.
   He was also honored with appointments as a military magistrate and as a Special Assistant United States Attorney. After entering private practice, Mr. Merrill drilled as a weekend Reserve Intelligence Officer at CINCLANTFLT. His duties included the Indications and Warning Watch, briefing the Admiral as well as highly classified studies of Soviet sea and air forces.  Military Experience


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Kelo v. New London US
Supreme Court Brief

Tidewater Libertarian Party

Mr. Merrill is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court and numerous other courts among the most court admissions of anyone practicing law in Hampton Roads, Virginia or Anchorage.
  Court Admissions  

Mr. Merrill's law firm in Virginia concentrated in business law and in personal injury/insurance litigation. Mr. Merrill has been lead counsel in jury trials in almost every Virginia courthouse east of Richmond with excellent results.  In less than two years of practice in Anchorage, Mr. Merrill has tried ten cases coming from various fields of law, from estate disputes to criminal charges to custody fights to injury suits,  also with excellent results.  He often succeeds in cases other lawyers turn down. Accidents/Injuries  Numerous businesses have relied on his guidance and integrity in forming their business structure and in making those businesses grow.
 Corporate Law  In Anchorage, Mr. Merrill has expanded his practice to include a concentration in investigating and bringing meritorious cases under the Federal False Claims Act


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Making a Point

Attorney Merrill is one of the few lawyers who accepts meritorious civil liberties cases and one of the fewer who has a record of success in cases against the government. Mr. Merrill has often been interviewed by local Virginia news channels on civil liberties issues.
Civil Liberties The media often publish columns on politics and public affairs written by Mr. Merrill.
  In Alaska, he has been interviewed quite a number of times on local AM Radio Station 700 on the Glen Beagle Show.  He has also appeared on a local television news talk show.  A struggle for his own civil liberties showed certainly what this attorney is made of.

Mr. Merrill served as the the statewide Membership Chairman for the Virginia Reform Party. Presently, he is active with the Alaska Libertarian Party, the Anchorage Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, all within the movement for greater economic and personal freedom throughout our country

Mr. Merrill submitted a "friend-of-the-court" brief to the United States Supreme Court in the monumental property rights case, Kelo v. City of New London filed on behalf of the Tidewater Libertarian Party.  

The professional reputation earned is one of a creative, highly determined litigator willing to take on powerful interests.  His clients simply never leave him and happily recommend him to friends and acquaintances, even those who needed some stern talking to. 

It is little wonder Mr. Merrill is known by many as the 'famous maverick lawyer'.

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