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Building success for your business would be a tough enough task even if there were none of those dangerous predators known as lawyers out there. Not only do lawyers help the guy who is trying to sock it to you, but you have to hire your own lawyer to have any chance in court.
What can be done about it? 

A good business attorney keeps you out of court and out of trouble. There just is no substitute for protecting yourself legally before problems begin. It gives your business the leverage to make others comply with their contracts. Legal advice can sometimes be critical in whether or not to even get into a business deal.

Business law services are not limited to the business owners.  Almost everyone needs a business lawyer at some time, whether for buying real estate, looking over an employment agreement or resolving an unsatisfactory purchase.  Our fees are very competitive for such needs.

Buying or selling a business?  Is the government making life especially difficult for your business?  A good, prompt lawyer is a key to your success! 

To show you how valuable a good business attorney can be, our firm is making an offer to Alaska companies that is hard to refuse.




If your business has ten or fewer employees and you have not used our professional services before, our office will provide, at a very reasonable cost, a package of business lawyer services that no new business should do without.

Review and, if indicated, change the company’s operating structure. Is it advisable to incorporate now? Would organizing a Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.) be something preferable?
   Out-of-pocket expenses apply for filing fees and company books.

Review and improve the company’s contracts and other forms to protect the company’s rights and its pocketbook. This allows you to be certain you have all of the necessary points covered in your agreements before trying to bring or defend a case in court.

This package is offered for a one time payment of $800 to covers all attorney's fees.

If a review of your company indicates it would be beneficial, our firm will create or improve written employment agreements. Make sure confidential information like customer rosters or price lists do not end up with your competitors. Protect the company from all kinds of wrongdoing by employees.

These additional services would be approximately $600 in attorney's fees.


If you often have a legal question about your business after getting it up and flying, this unusual attorney/client agreement may be available to you.

Unlimited business law advice over the phone or in person just $75/month with a one year minimum agreement.

Sometimes getting basic information in a timely way makes all of the difference in business. Get rid of that empty feeling in your stomach when new questions arise. Know something fast for use at the crucial point of negotiations.


Unexpected problems and difficult people will still affect your business no matter how well you plan.  Even the best businessperson handles some deals not exactly the right wayKnow you are still protected.

A client, a new businessperson, came to our office in 2011 with an embarrassing problem on two different construction jobs.  He had little of the paperwork he needed to pursue collection and much of the paperwork he had contradicted his side of the story.

Across two trials, one in Anchorage Superior Court and one in Anchorage District Court, the client won both cases for a full award of compensatory damages, $125,000 total with a contingency fee applying.

In another business case, an entrepreneur was unable to get a land title untangled in his home of Bethel.  No local lawyers could help him.  At a reasonable across and across much difficulty the land title was transferred to the client thereby allowing a home that would have otherwise have been left desolate to became a newly remodeled three bedroom home.

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