There is no reason you have to get in the car and drive miles to get legal advice.  Any questions you may have concerning Alaska law and procedure can be answered at this web site.  Make giant Alaska just keyboard clicks away!

It's simple.

Begin by clicking on the link below to send the law firm a letter stating the legal area and the central facts that you are inquiring about.  After a quick review you will be quoted a fee for the consultation through a reply to the web address you used.  Most consultations will be only $100.  If legal research or a variety of legal issues are involved a higher fee will be quoted.  Most, if not all, requests will be replied to within 24-hours on any given day.

The legal consultation fee agreed to normally will be paid in full by credit or debit card through the PayPal payment system.  You will be sent an invoice by email which typically must be paid prior to the scheduled consultation time.

Payments made by mail or by check will delay completion of the consultation.  Accurate client contact information is required upon agreeing to a consultation.