There are few more chilling experiences in life than to be suddenly under arrest.  The shock and fear can control your thoughts throughout the day.  Even the fact you are innocent of the charge does little to settle the sense of panic that immediately sets in.

Stephen Merrill has a tremendous track record in criminal cases, a smaller part of his practice now.  From his time in the Navy Judge Advocate's General Corps till now few clients who challenged criminal charges at a trial were not acquitted or given a reduced charge.  Indeed, he achieved three acquittals in the Navy JAG Corps in court-martials where acquittals are a rarity.  His first five criminal trials in private practice ended in an acquittal or a reduction of the charge to a misdemeanor.    One young man in Anchorage Superior Court was acquitted of a felony and of two related misdemeanors.  Mr. Merrill is known by prosecutors as a hard bargain to make.

There is no more important a decision to make in life than the decision on who to hire as your criminal defense attorney.  Talk to friends, talk to those you regard the most and interview more than one attorney for your case.

Our attorney's fees for criminal and traffic cases are very reasonable. Our easy accessibility throughout your case lends you peace of mind during a difficult time.

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