Best Cross-Examination Answer

Trial Transcript, Los Angeles Superior Court in a robbery prosecution:

Prosecutor:  Thank you for your testimony, officer.  Your witness.

Defense Counsel:  Thank you.  Officer is it your testimony that you began to chase my client only after he was identified by Officer Hayes as being the robber at the store several blocks away?

Officer:  Yes, sir.

Defense Counsel:  So, you would not have chased my client but for what Officer Hayes said?

Officer:  That is probably true.

Defense Counsel:  So, it is fair to say that you had to rely on Officer Hayes’ claim to make this arrest?

Officer:   Yes, sir.  I trust my life to my fellow officers.


Defense Counsel:    You do?  Well, let me ask you.  Do you have a locker in the police station downtown?

Officer:  Yes, I do.

Defense Counsel:   Tell me, do you place a lock on your locker there?

Officer:  Yes, I do.

Defense Counsel:   So you admit then you do not always trust your fellow officers?

Officer:  No, not at all.  You see that locker area is along the hallway that leads to the jail interview rooms.  Usually, there are lawyers going right by that locker room all of the time with the door wide-open.


Defense Counsel:  Thank you. No further questions.