I thought I was finally a goner.  I thought I would lose my life savings and even my liberty.  You see, I had a neighbor problem here in Fairbanks like you would not believe.

Then I hired Stephen Merrill, Attorney of Anchorage, the best move I could have made it turned out.

I had a civil suit against my neighbor dismissed in court since I could not find a lawyer in Fairbanks who would take the case.  Now the neighbor’s attorney, a downtown Fairbanks heavy-weight, was asking the Fairbanks court to award him $10,0000 in attorney fees for my losing the case.

Within one week of hiring Stephen Merrill a brief was filed on my behalf in the Fairbanks civil suit arguing, based largely on technicalities, that I did not owe the attorney fees sought.

That issue was won in court.  Zero attorney fees were awarded.

My far larger problem was a criminal charge of unlawfully threatening my neighbor with a gun.  My defense was that the confrontation was never serious since all I had that day was a broken bb gun.  My neighbor said I placed a .44 magnum in his face.  I felt he was trespassing on my property.

After a long jury deliberation at my trial concerning my guilt or innocence, I was convicted of a misdemeanor, though there was no finding that I had a serious weapon that day.  Later the misdemeanor was dismissed by the court due to this being my first criminal charge.

I even got my broken bb gun back from the police, if you can believe it.

When Stephen Merrill is trying a case, he dominates the courtroom with his cool, concentrated approach.  It is something to see.  He reminds me of the Mafia defense lawyers I used to see in court back in Detroit so many years ago.

Stephen also can be a good friend when you most need one.