Hi, I am Tina Minster of Sterling Alaska.  I manage a medical office as well as work in various business ventures of my own.  I am a lifelong Alaskan.

I have the most wonderful son a parent could have.  My son Keenan is an honest, thoughtful person committed to works of charity and kindness like seldom found in today’s world.

One evening a few years ago, a terrible episode of depression seized my son leading unwittingly to two very serious injuries.  Keenan had a finger blown off.  His fiancé had her finger grazed by a bullet also.

Even Keenan’s fiancé supported his innocence from the beginning until the end.

But that did not stop the City of Anchorage from prosecuting my son.  It did not stop the Anchorage jail from humiliating my son for 6-days in an isolation cell.  With a violent felony charge filed by the City, my son’s entire future was obviously at stake, a truly fine young man.

Keenan was lucky enough to know of an Anchorage attorney through his participation in the Alaska Libertarian Party.  Keenan is a devoted believer in freedom philosophy as well as practicing his Christian convictions.

I contacted that attorney, Stephen Merrill, on Keenan’s behalf.  Mr. Merrill made it possible for a teenager and his mom to have a private attorney to defend Keenan.  He trusted us.  We trust him more now than anyone can ever say.

Keenan had hearings of some form more than twenty times across three different courts.  At the trial, as the prosecution grew more desperate, the number of prosecutors in the courtroom increased.  There were five prosecutors there to hear the verdict of not guilty on all counts.  Mr. Merrill had indeed slayed the dragon.  He was brilliant in the courtroom.

Keenan’s pending appeal on two of the charges had to be dismissed.  Keenan had already been found not guilty of the charge that was then on appeal.

Since his acquittal, Keenan has been a full-time college students with scholarship awards and a very active lifestyle. He seems to spend a lot of time with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.   

Keenan is thinking of running for the Presidency one day to finally bring peace and freedom to our nation. He is quite a young man I am so, so proud of.


Keenan’s spirits have lifted with zero help from the City of Anchorage and its hangers-on.  Keenan was saved by the grace of God and by the wits and courage of the best lawyer you can find in Alaska, Stephen Merrill of Anchorage.  I truly recommend his help when you need help in the worst way.