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Having a wonderful family life can be at least as challenging as having a successful career. When relationships unravel, it is never more important to have a divorce attorney you can trust.


Mr. Merrill is experienced and effective in domestic relations cases. In a domestic case, the usual focus is to narrow the differences between the parties and to make everyone's experience less contentious. Our fees in such cases are very competitive with other Alaska law firms.

If however the other party to a domestic fight is not reasonable and a trial proves necessary, it is good to know your attorney has lots of trial experience.

Like the hurried business owner, many parents do not seek legal advice until after their domestic problems have become insurmountable. Early legal advice on the critical issues of custody and property division can often make the difference in the outcome of a case. When you know what the legal issues really are, it helps you achieve the outcome you desire faster and easier.

When people are in agreement, divorces and custody/support arrangements can be completed quickly and without incurring large legal expenses. If important matters are contested requiring a decision by a court the delays and expenses in family law cases can be as great as they are in contested commercial and insurance cases.

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