Malpractice Anchorage Lawyer – Anchorage Trial Lawyer

Sometimes the licensed professionals with whom you trust your greatest needs turn out to be a great disappointment. Whether that person is your physician, your attorney, or your architect, the resulting losses can be devastating.

The greatest hurdle in proving a professional negligence case is finding a qualified, credible expert witness to review the case and testify on your behalf. This can be expensive. A physician testifying for an injured patient in a medical malpractice suit may charge as much as $15,000 by the conclusion of the trial. An attorney testifying in a legal malpractice case would not charge much less.

If your case has merit, our firm will accept a contingent fee for its services, between one-third and forty percent if there is a recovery and no fee if the case is lost. The legal client is responsible only for payment of out-of-pocket expenses, such as expert witnesses, filing fees, court reporters, service of process, etc. We will often do an initial evaluation of the case for no charge. Sometimes with a strong suit the firm will advance a share of the out-of-pocket expenses to keep the case moving, subject to reimbursement at settlement.

If you feel you need a medical malpractice or legal malpractice attorney, give our office a call.

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